Dispositif de collecte et de separation de liquides aqueux et/ou huileux et de liquide cryogenique


The present invention relates to a device (1) for collecting and separating aqueous and/or oily liquids (3) and cryogenic liquid (4) such as LNG, comprising: a) a first container (1-1) comprising a bottom wall (1c) traversed by a first discharge pipe (1e) that opens into a first storage tank (1-3); and b) a second container (1-2) contained inside said first container, comprising a bottom wall (2b) above the level of said first discharge pipe(s) (1e), and an upper side wall (2a) comprising at least a drain port (2d) at the base thereof communicating with a side passage (5), and a lower side wall (2c) extending up to below the level of the upper end (1e1) of said first discharge pipe (1e), and a side passage (5) between said side walls (1b, 2a-2c) of the two containers; and c) a liquid collection pipe (1a) opening into said second container, and a second discharge pipe (1f) extending from above said second container (1-2) and opening into a second LNG storage tank (1-4).




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