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GB-1227095-A: patent, GB-1227218-A: patent, GB-1227296-A: patent, GB-1227866-A: patent, GB-1227908-A: patent, GB-1228015-A: patent, GB-1229327-A: patent, GB-1230001-A: patent, GB-1230089-A: patent, GB-1230233-A: patent, GB-1231366-A: patent, GB-1231836-A: patent, GB-1233073-A: patent, GB-1233171-A: patent, GB-1234005-A: patent, GB-1234821-A: Interconnection by bonding of stacked sheets patent, GB-1235220-A: Improvements in or relating to steel patent, GB-1235699-A: Improvements in or relating to a noise prevention device in a clutch disc assembly patent, GB-123572-A: Improvements in and relating to Carburetters for Internal Combustion Engines Especially Adapated for use as Starting Devices or Primers. patent, GB-1236906-A: Frequency discriminator circuit patent, GB-1237091-A: A control mechanism for the air valves of pipe lines of rail vehicles having central buffer couplings patent, GB-1237239-A: A controller, particularly for controlling a central lubricating system patent, GB-1237586-A: Semiconductor switching arrangement patent, GB-1237799-A: A dry dust type separator patent, GB-1237983-A: patent, GB-1238081-A: patent, GB-1238871-A: patent, GB-1238893-A: patent, GB-1238994-A: patent, GB-1239129-A: patent, GB-1240764-A: Fluorine containing esters and polymers and copolymers derived therefrom patent, GB-1240868-A: Improvements in or relating to rifles patent, GB-1241076-A: Improvements in gas taps patent, GB-1242039-A: Pattern recognition systems patent, GB-1242700-A: New fibrous materials made of polyester-polyamide blend polymer patent, GB-124323-A: Improved Resilient Means for Automatically Controlling the Actuation of Variable Speed and Reversing Gearing, and Application thereto. patent, GB-1243436-A: Time period switching circuits patent, GB-1243870-A: Improvements in or relating to props patent, GB-1243964-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical distribution pillars patent, GB-1245376-A: Hydraulic control system for a loader patent, GB-1245903-A: A radially clamping grip enabling the object being gripped to slide lengthwise patent, GB-1246111-A: Lattice structure, particularly for supporting filters patent, GB-1246306-A: Process for providing metal components with coatings resistant to corrosion patent, GB-1246550-A: Improvements in or relating to pipe joints patent, GB-1246745-A: Pin cushion correction for television display arrangements patent, GB-1246898-A: Terpolyamides patent, GB-1247701-A: Improvements in or relating to abrading machines patent, GB-1247768-A: Self calibrating ultrasonic thickness measuring apparatus patent, GB-1247822-A: Improvements in or relating to boilers patent, GB-1247963-A: Process and apparatus for the separation of granular material patent, GB-1248158-A: Improved bobbin grasper patent, GB-1248582-A: A laminated structure patent, GB-124860-A: Improvements in and relating to Counting-apparatus and Associated Stop-mechanism for Machinery. patent, GB-1249171-A: Heater unit patent, GB-1249589-A: A method for checking the quality of a molten metal bath and device for the working thereof patent, GB-124959-A: Improvements in and relating to Gas Heating Apparatus. patent, GB-1249633-A: Disposable cover for water closet patent, GB-1250026-A: Traffic light system patent, GB-1250346-A: patent, GB-1251297-A: patent, GB-1251668-A: patent, GB-1251876-A: patent, GB-1252238-A: patent, GB-1252618-A: patent, GB-1252671-A: patent, GB-1253347-A: Antiskid control system patent, GB-1253950-A: Time delay bimetallic relay patent, GB-1254808-A: Diazonium compounds patent, GB-1255367-A: Process for producing water-insoluble azo dyestuffs containing sulfonyl groups patent, GB-1255922-A: Hollow charge for the production of effects along a line patent, GB-1256216-A: Apparatus for cooling a grinding wheel and intercepting an air film rotating with the grinding wheel patent, GB-1256295-A: Stud-and-socket fasteners patent, GB-1256507-A: patent, GB-1256800-A: patent, GB-1257657-A: patent, GB-1257985-A: patent, GB-1259274-A: patent, GB-1259286-A: patent, GB-1259361-A: patent, GB-1260790-A: Flow deflector for nuclear fuel element assemblies patent, GB-1261826-A: A method and apparatus for preventing abrasion of a housing and/or a conveying member of a conveying device when used to convey a synthetic resin-filler mixture having abrasive properties patent, GB-1261962-A: Hole structure and method of forming the same patent, GB-1264241-A: patent, GB-1265003-A: patent, GB-1265103-A: patent, GB-1266078-A: patent, GB-1266224-A: patent, GB-1266475-A: patent, GB-1267183-A: patent, GB-1267266-A: patent, GB-1267970-A: Fuel proportioner patent, GB-1268055-A: Improvements in or relating to methods of winding tensioning wires around containers to be pre-stressed patent, GB-1268356-A: Improvements in nuclear reactors patent, GB-1268447-A: Improvements in or relating to electric motors patent, GB-1268508-A: Improvements in or relating to pulse delay circuits patent, GB-1268586-A: Releasable coupling arrangement patent, GB-1269408-A: Sputter deposition on an irregular surface patent, GB-1269688-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of urea patent, GB-1270311-A: Computer memory address generator patent, GB-1270494-A: Automatic broiling apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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